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blockchain, as the name implies, is a chain of digital “blocks” that contain records of transactions.

Privacy Policy

Walloo will always do its best to achive balance connectivity and security.

Live Videochat

Videocall with your team and friends and have a secure conversation.


Walloo is the newest Filipino-made messaging and communication tool that features an end-to-end encryption and ensures fully secured discussions. Walloo can be used for audio/video calls and files and screen sharing, without the worries of being intercepted or accessed by unauthorized parties. Powered by Blockchain Technology, users may communicate to others privately or join channels for group discussions and sharing. Enjoy quality calls now with Walloo!


What We Offer

Audio and Video Calls

  • Enjoy audio and video conferencing for personal, private, work and gaming with unlimited number of participants and duration, screen sharing and files viewing and live chats

Secure Conversations

  • Experience safe workspace with username restriction and admin transparency. Remove bad actors by adding moderators and provide admins with additional controls.

Live Chat

  • With LiveChat by Walloo you can add real-time chat widgets to any website or mobile app to get more value from your team chat and provide high quality customer service.

Blockchain Technology

  • Blockchain disallows tampering with a single record to it to avoid detection.